Can’t wait to throw this on-thank you, Jim! #lussuria


Venerence (Sean Ragon solo) + DJ Tesco Jane and more 6/18/14 Nothing Changes NYC


NP Lussuria - American Babylon


In stock now at Heaven Street Brooklyn-Prurient Palm Tree Corpse, THO-SO-AA lpzg/blgm live, Novy Svet Doce and more Dernière Volonté shirts!

Prurient “Palm Tree Corpse” LP from the Tesco Archival Documents series is now available for pre-order from Tesco USA:

Prurient “Palm Tree Corpse” LP from the Tesco Archival Documents series is now available for pre-order from Tesco USA:


Scout Fields of Ash 7” on sale tomorrow, mourning! @scout_pp


Big box of records and CDs going out to @endofanear in Austin TX-thanks!


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NP: Anenzephalia Funkspiele vs. DogPop Bleierne Zeiten #german #industrial #angstpop


Scout Paré-Phillips, David E. Williams, Knotwork [Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee of Blood Axis], Blood and Sun, The Lindbergh Baby and DJ Tesco Jane. Sunday December 22, 2013. Saint Vitus Bar. Greenpoint/Brooklyn. 8pm $10 21+


WEDNESDAY 2/20/2013 10pm-4am
WIERD is proud to present a live performance by
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Aaron Dilloway
With DJs Anarexia, Tesco Jane, Frankie Teardrop
Home Sweet Home 131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey NYC



When in the middle of a Dark Hot Summer , Psychic Mule says dig deeper and make it hotter and creepier. Our friend xorzyzt in Berlin must have the same manifesto cuz after listening to his mix, things has gotten far stranger at Psychic Mule HQ.The drone,dance,black magic beats of this mix make The Mule want to visit the Fatherland very soon!!


xorzyzt (Brandon Rosenbluth) is the sha-man behind BL4CK M4G1CK, organizing Berlin events since 2010 including PURGE, #gHashtag, C3R3MØNY, and BLACK MAGICK ∞ DROP DEAD FEST, collaborating with blogger/DJ/artist/curators Gucci Goth, Tom Ass, dieLamb, Show Cave, and Sameheads amongst others. He cut his teeth as booker/manager of SMOG at Bard College, NY for 3 years and breaking a sweat backstage with the heavy-lifters at Goldenvoice concerts in Los Angeles. Since moving to Berlin Neukoelln in 2009, he founded performance media art collective, dev01ded, with valquire and grayl, as well as being the skin-slammer for doomscape band, reliq. His initial artistic pursuits to create immersive metaphysical environments through video/sound installations have transformed into sculpting multi-faceted collective social experiences, powered by a love for spreading the heavy weirdness he summons from the depths of the musical abyss to the dancefloor.

contact: //

thanatopsis_ecstasis-mix by xorzyzt

1) Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound - Ash On The Trees [The Sudden Ebb Of A Diatribe]

vs. Phurpa - Conferring Empowerment & Self-transformation I

vs. Locrian - At Night’s End

vs. Raime - Foundry (Regis version) 

2) Ensemble Economique - Somewhere Anywhere

vs. Tim Hecker - Hatred of Music Vol I

vs. Young Hunting - A List of Indignities

3) Phurpa - Conferring Empowerment & Self-transformation I 

vs. Demdike Stare - Demdike Stare Meets Shangaan Electro

4) Current 93 - LAShTAL 

vs. Death in June - Europa: The Gates of Heaven

vs. JK Flesh - Posthuman

5) JK Flesh - Posthuman

vs. Burial Hex - The Night

vs. Emptyset - Return

6) Gum Takes Tooth - Hermaphrodite & Nourishment

vs. Yellow Swans - Neon War

vs. Coil - Dive (Wheel of The Law)

vs. Cut Hands - Shut Up And Bleed

7) Anstam - Watching The Ships Go Down

vs. Dead Can Dance - Musica Eternal Garden Of The Arcane Delights

8) Yamataka Eye & John Zorn - Shiso Baba

vs. Petro Loa - No rada no rada

vs. Wolves In The Throne Room - Woodland Cathedral

9) Wolves In The Throne Room - Woodland Cathedral

vs. Shackleton - Majestic Visions

vs. Roly Porter - Tleilax

vs. Ayshay - WARN U

10) Prurient - Myth of Sex

vs. Mascara - Ghosts/Blanket

vs. Colin Stetson - Fear of the Unknown and the Blazing Sun

Download this mix @: XORZYZT DJ’s PSYCHIC MULE

Source: SoundCloud / Psychic Mule Records